Gyoseishoshi-Lawyer(Certified Administrative & Legal Service Specialist) is your close by legal profession on various issues, business management/private life, serving as your legal advisor to prevent troubles in advance.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Foreigner’s Residential Status and related issues

img01Over 2.15 million foreigners are residing in Japan as registered alien, working, running businesses, studying, staying as family members etc. and are important composing members of Japanese society. We support foreigners’ various procedures such as applying for residential status (VISA), changing status of residence, including permanent residence and naturalization.

Foreigner’s Residential Status (VISA) application
  • “Wish to employ foreigners.”
  • “Wish to find employment in Japan.”
  • “Wish to start business in Japan.”
  • “Wish to acquire Permanent residency.”

→ We support foreigners’ application procedures for Residential Status (VISA) acquisition, Change of Status, extension of stay, etc.

Naturalization application
  • “Wish to acquire Japanese nationality.”

→ We support your application procedure acquiring Japanese nationality.

International marriage (divorce/adoption) registration
  • “Marrying(divorcing) with foreign person”
  • “Adopting(dissolving an adoption) with foreign person”

→  We support your registraion porcedure of international marriage, divorce and adoption between Japanese and foreigner or between foreigners.

Support on International Business Development/International Trade

Under internationalization and borderless community development, our life can not be held without economical relations with various foreign countries. We support execution/translation of various documents required in international business scene.

Execution/Translation of Business Contracts/other business documents(English/Japanese)
  • “Initiating business in foreign country”
  • “Need Translation in English(Japanese) of the Articles of Incorporation”
  • “Need to execute contract in English(Japanese)”

→  We support your business by drafting/veryfying/translating Business Contracts, Articles of Incorporation and other business documents such as manual/instruction/specifications in English and Japanese.

Public Attestation/Authentication of certificates/documents
  • “Need attestation/authentication for documents to submit foreign authority.”

Troubles in life

Executing notification/demanding letter in contents certified registered mail
Executing contract/agreement/settlement
Procedure of executing Officially Notarized Documents

Troubles between family members

Succession procedure
Execution of agreement (mutual agreed divorce) by notalized document

Business relation support

Drafting/verification/execution of business contract
Verification/renewal of Corporate In-house Regulations
Establishment of Incorporation

Application procedures/licenses, registration, permits etc.